Our vision and mission

Plakoni Engineering: The right hand of your organization

With the slogan "standing still is going backwards", we constantly strive to look for solutions which accompany a higher added value.

The following five core values are an important part of our company philosophy since the founding of Plakoni Projects:

  • T.E.A.M-spirit: We listen to your needs, analyze them and discuss the possibilities with you. Together we determine the optimal solution.
  • Efficiency: Thanks to our rectilinear and direct approach, we can guarantee our appointments and an efficient service.
  • Technology and innovation: We are constantly looking for better technical and innovative solutions to deliver to you the best end product.
  • Experience and flexibility: We offer you our wide diversity of activities. Thanks to our experience and flexibility, we can offer you the best service.
  • Quality and customer satisfaction: The quality is guaranteed by our ISO 9001:2008 certificate. This standard is a real way of live for our employees. You see, we only make promises we can keep.

One of the ambitions for the coming years is to continue our innovative work in the field of design and engineering. We want to use our service and drive for the development and introduction of new technologies and this through different industry types. In addition to the establishment in Genk and Sint-Niklaas we would like to follow and support our customers elsewhere on the same basis.