Plakoni Engineering has various CAD systems with a very large capacity. In addition, we take care of your CAD data management.

  • CAD-support for projects in house and out house: Plakoni is a specialist in designing and shaping products for various sectors. For our 2D and 3D designs, we have a varied range of software tools and technology. Depending on your assignment and your situation, we determine the optimum system.
  • Data-management: Thanks to our experience and the availability of a wide range of CAD and Design software, we are able to convert all possible data from one CAD format to another. Useful if you have conversion issues, but useful if you already have a 2D plan of your process too. In that case, we immediately continue working on the existing situation.
  • Data-transfer: We have various systems to receive and send large files. Few systems of this are FTP, OEM/A and Team center.