Plakoni Engineering offers the client a whole range of engineering services, both at home as at the premises of the customer. Some of these are:

  • Projects on location: Plakoni Engineering can provide the right people in order to support projects with the client on site or in-house.
    Profiles can be used with the necessary experience. Our employees are constantly trained according to the most recent requirements.
  • Simulation: Whether it's about identifying a minimum lead time, find bottlenecks in your production chain or making a trade off between manual or automated production.
    Using the model, we can experiment and run "what-if" scenarios without disrupting existing systems and all of this long before the actual system is realized.
    More info about simulation can be found on
  • Visualization: Camtrax 3D-images are converted into a perfect video footage. This makes it possible to simulate, to understand and to compare reality.
    In addition, complex projects can be communicated much better to the general public. Therefore, possible misunderstandings are avoided before the start of the project.
  • Product and quality: Products and processes are designed by us and simulated in a 2D and a 3D environment.
    When talking about the various aspects, we already take the later production into account: simplicity in assembly isn’t an idle slogan for us. We also provide you with all the necessary analytical information and documentation, as well as process models.